A Worrisome Revelation

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

CUSTOMER: Hi, I just signed up for your "Ubersoft Social Networking" service.

ALEX: Welcome to USN the latest technology in online sharing. We hope you enjoy this new and exciting way to reach out to friends and family members online.

CUSTOMER: Well... it's OK I guess. But I'm a little concerned about my account's privacy.

ALEX: Oh, there's no need to be concerned about that. Your account doesn't have any.

CUSTOMER: It... what?

ALEX: That's right. It's one of our greatest innovations: the "No privacy" clause you signed when you created your account means your account is exposed to the world in every way imaginable.

CUSTOMER: ... excuse me. I need to delete some pictures.

ALEX: If you ever want them back, just let us know. We've got copies.


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Great strip...

Now and then even I am tempted to give Chris a bad time... but then a strip like today comes along.

It is so concentrated... so focussed... it captures so well the tone, content and even the cadences of the stuff excreted by the giant corporations and shovelled in our direction.

Genius, Chris, pure Genius....

Thanks David

We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Privacy? What privacy?

This is why I've been avoiding joining Facebook so far.

. -- Scott

Ahh - worth it..

Every single time I load up the site in a Firefox tab that is not active I get a network failure and have to load again when I get to it - and today that has proved 100% worth it. Sterling, just sterling :)

I get that EVERY DAY...

I load this site as part of a group of 50 (give or take...) daily tabs that are 95% webcomics, with a minor component of non-comics such as giveawayoftheday.com and the Comic Riffs blog at the Washington Post.

Every single day, without exception as far back as I can remember, this site (either as eviscerati.org or any of its sibling domains) reports a loading error, and every day it loads fine after I select its tab and hit Reload in Firefox.


Do you know why it's doing it? I'd be happy to fix it if I could!

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

(Shrug) it's a pretty old Firefox (3.6.24)

It's also running on a virtual machine (XP Pro on VMware Server, hosted on a Win 7 Home Premium) accessed remotely (RDP through my DSL link and the other end's cable link), so there are plenty of unique circumstances here...

I have been meaning to upgrade that particular FF for a long time, so I figured I would hold off on mentioning this. But then someone else chimed in with the same (minor) issue, so I just thought I would mention it in passing. But I am not significantly annoyed by it, and you have plenty of other stuff going on with your site(s) and in the rest of your life, so don't worry about it. I just added a data point, no more, and I will keep hitting "Reload" once a day if this does not get fixed...

As long as I chimed in, here is another data point: the same thing happens (to the same old FF installation) to all sorts of URLs pointing to any of your domains, when they were open at a time when Firefox crashed, and I ask it to restore the session when I restart it.

And, as long as I'm on a roll here, I just updated that old Firefox to the latest release (11), updated all the add-ons, and reloaded the 50+ pages at once. Well, it doesn't time out anymore on your site... so far.