Renewing Your Goals

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

THE BOSS: It is a new year, Viktor. I have resolved, this year, that evil will tighten its grip across the breadth of the computer industry, squeezing the remaining life out of the innocence that has plagued this industry since its inception.

THE BOSS: This is the year when wide-eyed wonder will be replaced with jaded acceptance of anything -- everything -- we do. This is the year, in other words, when the urge to fight will be placed with the overwhelming desire to simply give up.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: I've resolved to sue more people.

THE BOSS: That also works.


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transcript tyop

2nd panel: "... this is hte year..." s/b "the"

. -- Scott


Thanks for finding that.

You know, at one point Firefox had a spellchecker. I distinctly remember this. My current version of Firefox seems to have lost this functionality...

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Re: Dead Firefox Features

Yes, no doubt that worked half a year -- and half a dozen versions -- ago. But the "rapid release" strategy has not only driven away a lot of users but a lot of developers, and no doubt the person responsible for that feature has decided their talents would be better employed working on some other project. Such as, oh, trying to drain the Atlantic ocean using a teacup, or trying to build a perpetual motion machine.

As a person who was already somewhat fed up with the free software movement, the devolution of Firefox has confirmed many of my darker suspicions and many of the claims of the openly anti-FOSS crowd; if even Firefox, which was always touted as one of the major successes of Open Source, can turn into an end-user nightmare which constantly reinvents the wheel for no good reason and prioritizes superficial UI changes over stability, what does it mean for lesser projects?

(Sorry for so frequently commenting on old comics, by the way; I have a tendency to only check on the comic every few days, and for some reason I never seem to find things to say about the one on the front page.)

A bad design decision is a bad design decision.

... and bad design decisions are found in FOSS and closed source applications alike.

Firefox will either figure out the problem and fix it or they'll crumble, like any other project. But the problem it's facing now is not intrinsic to free software, it's a problem you find every time you turn over a rock in software design--rushing software introduces errors.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.