... And I Feel Fine

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

JIM WASHINGTON: Today we have received many unconfirmed reports that the ego of Steve Jobs is breaking out of an extra-dimensional prison and making its way back into this world.

JIM WASHINGTON: Experts have warned that if this event takes place, the very fabric of reality will unravel and the universe as we know it will end.

JIM WASHINGTON: Reactions from the general population were surprisingly subdued.

NEWS CORRESPONDENT: What is your reaction to Steve Jobs' ego destroying the world?

MAN ON THE STREET: It's probably for the best.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Apple announces supply of iPhone 4 may be limited due to "imminent thread of Armageddon" :: Rioting breaks out at Apple stores worldwide


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Just for the record...

It is so quiet in here that I feel that I should type something even if it is just nit-picking...

The transcript has "thread" instead of "threat"...

Yeah, kind of echoes doesn't

Yeah, kind of echoes doesn't it. Chris is dealing with another "work until you drop and then get up and do it again" deadline. I lose track of when he thinks it will slack up. Towards the end of the month, I think.

In some ways, thread seems to fit as well as threat.

If a strip falls in the forest....

Well, we could just chat among ourselves until he deigns to return.
By the way, did he say WHICH month? (We are talking 2010, I hope.)

I would think that, at times like this, responsibility could be delegated just to give us something to look at on a day to day basis.
Who better for such a task than the "ArtistsDad"?

How are you at stick figures?

We don't need no steenkin' stick figures...

Why use stick figures when you've got Old Skool Webcomic -- that's just two circles labelled A and B, and all you have to do is add dialog.

. -- Scott

OK, have it your way...

I was just assuming that he had at least some of his son's great artistic talent.

"Old Skool Webcomic" will be just fine. Posted within 24 hours, please....

Non-canon OSWC

Panel 1
A: Wanna hear a joke?
B: Okay.

Panel 2
A: Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

Panel 3
A: ...

Panel 4
A: Ba-dum KSSH!


that's what I'm talking about. We could be writing scripts for OSW and Chris can turn them into strips when he has time...

. -- Scott

Good idea... but.....

Dear St Jen (I assume that is short for Saint Jennifer.)

Good idea, but it presupposes that Chris HAS spare time...

(I wonder how many hours a day he wastes sleeping and eating...)

Another strip?

Panel 1
A: Wanna hear a joke?
B: Okay.

Panel 2
A: What did one wall say to the other wall?
B: I don't know, what did one wall say to the other wall?

Panel 3
A: Meet you in the corner!
B: .......... Poor joke......

Panel 4
A: They loved it when J.D. Salinger used it in "For Esme With Love and Squalor".


Don't you recognize that it's the best time to receive the business loans, which would help you.

Making the comment funny

was a nice attempt, business loans, but try this instead.

Circle A: Knock Knock
Circle B: Whos There?

Cirlce A: Donut
Circle B: Donut Who

Circle A: Donut you recognize that its the best time to recieve a business loan?
Cirlce B: ...

Circle A: Well?
Cirlce B: I think you should stay off of the Spam Sandwiches

I guess I'll take a turn...

(BTW, nice to see the "Help Desk" software ad on this site... startingly appropriate!)

This is actually an old favorite of mine.

Panel 1:
A: Wanna hear a knock-knock joke?
B: NO! This is getting silly!

Panel 2:
A: Come on, just one more!
B: OK.

Panel 3:
A: Great! You start!
B: *Sigh* Knock knock.

Panel 4:
A: Who's there?
B: ...

Panel 5:
B: ...

Panel 6 (first choice):
B (Moved to the right and rotated clockwise as if rolling): I'm done.

Panel 6 (second choice):
A: My work here is done.