Exit, Stage Right

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Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

STEVEN: I do believe I've worn out my welcome. A pity, since I haven't even arrived. Still, I always think it's better to leave before the lobotomy --

ALICE: Stop!

STEVE: Sorry my dear, but I --

ALICE: You can't leave!

STEVE: Alice... dear Alice... can't you see that this can never be? We come from different worlds, you and I...

STEVE: If things were different -- if you weren't colluding with others to do something unpleasant to me, if I weren't a paperclip -- who knows? But we must remain strong... and silent... and apart.

STEVE: Cheerio.

(ALICE falls to teh ground with a "WHUMP")

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Are you all right?

ALICE: Swoon.