Villain's Block, Part Four

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

BOSS: Mark!

MARK: I'm working! I'm working!

BOSS: Nevermind that. You are a writer, are you not?

MARK: Er... yes. That's why you pay me.

BOSS: And as a writer, you are at times faced with an inability to make manifest the thoughts you wish to convey?

MARK: Sure. It's called "writer's block." it can be very frustrating.

BOSS: How do you cope with this impediment?

MARK: I usually wind up playing UberQuest until I'm too tired to care.

BOSS: Does this work?

MARK: Once I managed to get 30 levels in 28 hours of continuous gameplay.

MARK: I'm not entirely sure that answers your question.