The Long View

Webcomic Storyline: 

Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright

Comic Transcript: 

CUSTOMER: I'm still trying to grasp the concept that you can actually do something like disable my Internet access.

ALEX: The last security patch you downloaded also had the "sunset activation feature" that activated last Tuesday.

CUSTOMER: But when I bought ND 2001 I was buying the complete package, with all of its features. Aren't I entitled to still use the product I purchased?

ALEX: Not really. When you accepted our license agreement you agreed to be subject to our terms of use. We've since changed the terms of use to exclude internet access in our older products.

CUSTOMER: That strikes me as unduly capricious.

ALEX: Well that's not very fair.

CUSTOMER: Why not?

ALEX: "Caprice" is defined as "an impulsive change of mind." We've been planning this for years.