The Forums Are Going Away For A While

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When I first set up this WordPress site I chose a plugin called Asgaros Forums to manage the site’s discussion forum. It’s a great plugin in almost every respect, except one: when a spammer gets past your spam protection and manages to post 900 individual threads in your discussion forum, it expects you to delete every single one by hand.

I’m… not willing to do that. So I’m looking for an alternative.

Over the past day, my attempt to look for an alternative may very well have been responsible for breaking all the permalinks on my site, which I discussed in my last post. I think that one’s fixed, now, so the safest thing I can do is just disable the forums for a bit.

Not too many people were using them, but I liked having them, so it’s a little disappointing. It’s better than 900+ spammy posts that I have to delete by hand, though…

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C. B. Wright 28 June 2021 at 1:17 PM

…and they’re gone!


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