Two and a Half Years Later…

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Two and a half years. Two and a half years since I published Curveball Issue 35: City of Knives, City of Glass and got to work on Issue 36. Two and half miserable, frustrating years, but I did it. Curveball Issue 36: The Titan’s Shadow is now, finally, after all this time, out.

63,126 words. That’s the final word count. It’s on the site now. It’s almost 4AM. I’m a little fried. I think I’ll get some sleep.


  1. I love this story. Kudos for getting it out the door despite the adversity.

  2. Well worth the wait. I read it during part of a twelve hour night shift, I read it for an hour after a twelve hour night shift, I finished it in an hour after waking before a twelve hour night shift (invoice magic people ™ two lost hours sleep), loved every minute of it.

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