Everything is going well

I can't put my finger on it, but something's not quite right.

Progress: Help Desk archives started, complete through 1997. Archive pages for the webcomics completed. First/Last comic navigation implemented… after a fashion. Cool floaty navigation bar installed. It mostly works, though it sort of gets pushed out of the way on mobile devices.

Nobody’s tried to create an account yet, though? Curious.

Progress: working through the site template, fixing theming issues as I find them. Not sure how I feel about the red links. Maybe a little less red. Still, overall, not bad.

Still no accounts? I thought at least the spambots would try to create accounts.

Progress: Podcasts! I’ve added podcasts and they seem to work, as far as I can tell. That’s good. Podcasts are good.

… what is with the damn user accounts, though? I figure there would at least be a few of them by–

Oh. Oh, right. That.

Yeah, it seems I had the ability to register accounts on this site turned off. That’s super secure, but it’s not very welcoming. It’s turned on now.



    …and about 15 accounts that are obviously bots, because I’m sorry, nobody loves cotton socks enough to turn it into a domain name “just because.”

  2. Are they old feeds, or new ones? If they’re ones you’ve always had, I’m impressed they’re updating at all…

  3. Outstanding! I did add a few redirects that I hoped would make that easier, but I’m not sure I caught everything.

  4. It does look like the CSS is broken though. I’m not seeing any 404’s on the developer console though when I load the page.

  5. Is it still a problem? There was an issue earlier when I managed to completely fill up my allotted storage and it messed up my stylesheets something awful.

  6. Styling seems fine on main site, was fine on Rake by Starlight early, this post is majorly borked.

  7. Here are a few screenshots of how it looks like for me. But I’d say this is not a big deal since most users these days are on mobile devices, and even for me, I come straight to your content from the RSS feed, and the content pages look fine.


  8. Just logged in.

    Why no number of comments on Home page for each article/posting? Is it something that you can add, so that I can quickly scan for new comments or pearls of wisdom?

  9. I got a post in the RSS feed saying I’d have to come resubscribe. Followed the link and the article want there. Now in seeing that the old feed was working.

    I guess you got it fixed and we don’t need to resubscribe any more? If that’s the case, you should put that post back but update it, so people who already got it in their feeds don’t land on a 404.

  10. @Minrich

    You know it’s weird, but only one of the themes I looked at had that function. I didn’t use it for other reasons. I haven’t figured out how to hack/override themes enough to put that back in.

  11. @Johnny

    That’s interesting. Dtcweb.com was my staging area, so that tells me something didn’t update properly. I might have a few ideas about fixing that.

    Sorry about the 4k thing but since I can’t afford a 4k display I don’t see how I can be expected to test that other than by guessing. Though that is, in fact, crazy. There ought to be some kind of max width value on the images to limit their sizes… hm.

    There may be one thing I can do.

  12. It’s fine now. But, last night, it was just all the elements in the page in a single column.
    Seems to be loading fine now, though. *shrug*

  13. Oh, that. Yeah, that was when I was trying to archive all the old versions of my site database and I literally filled up every bit of storage I was allocated on the site. I had the stylesheet open before I realized I’d run out of space and tried to save it, so it saved as 0 bytes. Everything got kind of weird after that.

    … I, uh, eventually fixed it.

  14. Sorry for the rather repetitive comments above, I didn’t realize that they were accepted. Only when I submitted the last one, did I get an ‘awaiting moderation’ message.

    I too had weird page loading hiccups, iceweasel on debian wheezy on ancient laptop (so sue me) but all cleared up today. There was me thinking it was magic or a trade baron taking his cut!

    Congrats on the migration – now how to zap the black box on the bottom of my screen, which encroachs on the comment box. Well it would if I typed faster.

  15. I figured that’s what was going on, as soon as I realized how the comments were set up.

    The black box – you mean the navigation thing? If you click on the “-” it should turn into a square and get mostly out of your way.

  16. @Johnny…

    I may have, possibly, mitigated some of the insanity with 4K displays by putting a max width on the content area, but not having a 4K display myself I can’t really tell.

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