The First Year of Curveball is now Free

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I know the website has been pretty quiet for the last month, but I've actually been working rather furiously to try to get some things done.

Last October I got the Year One and Year Two runs of Curveball professionally edited, which I then used to update the Curveball Year One Omnibus, and then release Curveball Year Two. Since then I've been trying to move those edits into the individual issues. I finally finished that last week, and delivered a batch of updated issues for my Patreon Subscribers.

Now I've finally updated the versions I sell online, and on top of it all I've also made Issues 1-12 completely free.

That's right, if you've always wanted copies of the first year arc in individual, comic bookish format, now's your chance to get them at no cost to yourself!

Currently the issues are free on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, Page Foundry, and Apple's iTunes/iBooks store. Unfortunately it is not available for free on Amazon at this time -- they have to match the price first, and I have no idea how long that will take.

The links for each free issue are listed below:

Issue One

Issue Two

Issue Three

Issue Four

Issue Five

Issue Six

Issue Seven

Issue Eight

Issue Nine

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12


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I was impressed you got

I was impressed you got anything out with all the turmoil you had this year. I'll complain when the TV series is ahead of the webpage.

Wow, Amazon is slow.

Wow, Amazon is slow.

Is Issue 3 supposed to have a different cover?

A math joke: r = | |csc(θ)|+|sec(θ)| |-| |csc(θ)|-|sec(θ)| |

Yes, Issue 3 has a different

Yes, Issue 3 has a different cover.

Back when I started Curveball I had this fantasy of getting a different webcomic artist to do a cover for the entire run. However it quickly became apparent I could never, ever, ever, ever afford it.

But I got Jeff Darlington (GPF) to do a cover that was originally going to be for issue 2. Time constraints pushed it back to issue 3.

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