Any Old Verdict Will Do

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Comic Transcript

ADALAI FOULE: The Judge is not inclined to allow Ubersoft to file assault charges against the group in question. Even if he does accept the “personhood” of a corporation, there is far too much precedent to consider such a… well, I won’t use the term he chose to describe it.

ADALAI FOULE: However, on the strength of the argument that Ubersoft is, in the eyes of the law, a person, he is inclined to find it guilty of being a public nuisance.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: But we aren’t on trial for being a public nuisance.

ADALAI FOULE: He claims that this trial has been about nothing from the start, and if you can make things up as you go along, so can he.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: I can’t find any fault in his legal reasoning.

ADALAI FOULE: He actually referenced you twice in his footnotes.

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