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So I started my new job on Monday. It's fine, but it comes with a few challenges. The biggest is that it's in Georgia and I'm in Montgomery, AL. So I've switched up from working out of a home office to commuting to work every day.

Here's the math for that:

Work starts at eight, it's an hour and a half drive, add an extra half hour for getting lost (like I did this morning). So: leave the house at six. So: get up at five.


Georgia is on eastern time, Alabama is on central. So for everything to work out I need to subtract another hour. So: get up at FOUR.

There's going to be an adjustment period. It's going to be brutal.


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Wow. That is a little crazy,

Wow. That is a little crazy, and will certainly be an adjustment. The only way I could be up at 4 am is to stay up all night. I am guessing there is no mass transit available that you can catch a nap on the way to/from work.

Still, it is better than the alternative. Good luck on your adjustment. and thank you for Chapter 26 of Curveball!!

No mass transit that I've

No mass transit that I've found just yet. We'll be moving closer eventually but it's going to take some time...

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Ouch! I'm with Stephen,

Ouch! I'm with Stephen, normally I stay up if I have to be up before 06:00, but I can only do that for a couple of days in a row. :)

Good luck!

Great news about the job. I

Great news about the job. I hope that it more than keeps the wolves from the door. So sorry to hear that your teleporter is not functioning (mine's broken too, otherwise I would lend you it). Sounds like my commute back in the 80's from north of NYC to Silver Springs MD for six months - I finally ended up driving down v. early on Mondays and back on Friday evenings and renting a room from a friend of a friend.

Hopefully, you will find somewhere nice to live (closer to work) very soon. Although I must admit my vested interest in your present commute not interfering in your ability to conjure up new episodes of Curveball. I do so enjoy them.

All the best from my side of the Atlantic.