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In my last status update, which was rather grim, I mentioned there was one potential lead that might still break my way. Well, I have to pass a background check and a drug test, but assuming I haven't been living a wild double life that I've been hiding from myself with self-inflicted amnesia there's a pretty good chance I'm going to have a job again.

Of course we have to make it to the point where I actually get a paycheck, and I want to thank everyone who has volunteered to help. And in particular I'd like to thank the insane Anonymous Patreon donor, because yikes.

Those of you eagerly waiting for Issue 26 shouldn't have to wait too much longer. Patreon subscribers have already seen rough cuts of Parts one through three. Part Four is in progress.

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons. Credited to Allen Watkin. Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License. Image was reduced in size before reuse.


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Nope. I'm a drone now!

Nope. I'm a drone now!

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Resistance is futile! Your

Resistance is futile! Your uniqueness will be assimilated into the Corporative. (congratulations!)



Those of us who are waiting for new comics :)