Pen and Cape Society: Super Choice Adventure, Chapter 11

An organization of superhero fiction authors

The Pen and Cape Society has just released the eleventh chapter of the Super Choice Adventure, a group fiction project where you, the reader, gets to vote who writes the next chapter.

Chapter 11 was my turn, and things got a little out of hand.

By “a little out of hand” I mean “the average chapter has been around 1400-1500 words and my initial draft came in at 3600 FREAKING WORDS so I pared it down to 2750 FREAKING WORDS which is still too much but I ran out of time so there it is.”

Anyway: The Super Choice Adventure Page, for those of you who are curious but who haven’t been following it. And Chapter 11, my ridiculously overgrown contribution, for your consideration and enjoyment.

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