The First 12 Chapters to A Rake by Starlight

Submitted by C B Wright on

Sometime in mid-July -- a particularly dark month for me, for various reasons -- I was skimming through my manuscript for A Rake by Starlight, the as-yet unfinished sequel to Pay Me, Bug!. I found myself really enjoying the story, which is something I rarely do when I'm still working on it, and was extremely happy with the way the it was turning out.

I also noticed something interesting: while the story isn't finished, the first twelve chapters are solid. As I looked through my work I saw gaps that needed to be filled, pieces that needed to be added, things that needed to be fleshed out... but none of that occurred in Chapters 1-12. I don't feel like there's much I have to do to them at this point. Edit for grammar. Massage a few words, maybe. But my general feeling is that Act I of A Rake by Starlight is finished.

Since Act I is finished, I'm going to post it for you. Starting today.

Each Friday, starting today and ending on December 27, I will publish a chapter for A Rake by Starlight. This mini-serial will give those of you interested in the further adventures of Grif, Amys, Ktk, Cyrus, Morgan and the rest a taste of what those adventures will be. Once Chapter 12 is posted, it will fade back into relative obscurity until I finish the rest of the book, at which point I'll dust it off and start posting chapters again.

This is the "contingency plan" I hinted at yesterday. This will continue to go up every Friday until the end of December, even if my chaotic life refuses to settle down and in fact starts to bombard me with an unending stream of metaphysical flashbang grenades.

The first chapter went up today, and the story starts here. I hope you enjoy it!