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The reason everything has been quiet here is because my meatspace life has been incredibly hectic there. But I haven't been idle. Things are happening. Here are two of the neater things that are happening...

First, Curveball resumes publication this month. Issue 12 was a beast to get out of the way, but the gap between 12 and 13 wasn't due to writer's block or anything like that. I was getting a new cover for the year two run. I'm very pleased to show you the cover created by Pascalle Lepas, the artist for Zap! (also known as "Zap! In Space"). I'm really, really pleased with it and it's giving me a lot of enthusiasm for the next part of the story arc...

... which is good, because Year Two is already behind schedule. It should have started in July. Freaking July. My plan at this point is to go insane and catch up, which means adopting an accelerated release schedule until I do. I'm... not entirely sure I can pull that off, but that's my plan.

Second, when I finished Curveball Issue 12 I looked at everything I'd written to date and I'd written more than 120,000 words. Naturally my first thought was "wow, that's a freaking novel." My second thought was "wait--that is a freaking novel," and I started to assemble Curveball Year One: Death of a Hero, which is the serial fiction equivalent of a comic book trade paperback in novel trade paperback format. Don't think about that too closely.

Those of you who were mildly interested in reading Curveball but who were never all that jazzed about the monthly release cycle get a chance to buy the entire freaking year, either in Trade Paperback format (currently priced at $15.50, but I'm working on bringing that down a bit) or in eBook format (currently priced at $4.99, just like Pay Me, Bug!. That will be available November 1.

Those of you who are waiting for more of The Points Between won't have to wait too much longer. The next chapter is almost ready to go. Unfortunately all podcasts are on hiatus until I can find a place to record them. I'm currently a long-term guest in someone else's house, which makes the recording process awkward ("um, could you please leave your own house while I record things you are completely uninterested in for a while? Thanks!")

Help Desk will be picking up again as well--some of you may have noticed they started trickling in this week (another one up tomorrow).

The other big thing that's starting, of course, is National Novel Writing Month in November. NaNoWriMo is something I've done every year since I first discovered it, and despite all the rampant insanity going on this month and leeching in to the next I'm not willing to give it up, so I'm going to do it again. This means, of course, that it has the potential to spoil all my plans. But, in the event that NaNoWriMo destroys my productivity, I have a contingency plan. A plan that will ensure that even if NaNoWriMo consumes all my time, you will still be entertained on a regular basis. For at least three months.

I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. Actually, if everything works out the way I want it to, I'll show it to you tomorrow. I'd give you a hint today, but that's a... fool's errand.



Anyway. Stay tuned everyone! The real world is a whirligig of chaotic, seething frustration at the moment, but at least there's stories and cartoons.


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A fool's errand?

I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. Actually, if everything works out the way I want it to, I'll show it to you tomorrow. I'd give you a hint today, but that's a... fool's errand.


I, for one, am ready to give you my money on this one.

Too bad for me...

... that one's free. :D

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A fool's errand, eh?

That's something I can get behind.

The Anono in your El.

I have the feeling

your hints are whooshing over my head. Hope life becomes more stable for you soon (if stable is a goal; it can be overrated).

BTW, one of the Popehat bloggers has started reviewing SF; might be worth your while to send Pay Me Bug! his way:

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