Fun With TVTropes

I love TVTropes. I think it’s one of the greatest websites in the history of ever, and I’m fascinated at the sheer volume of tropes that contributors have added to it.[efn_notes]I’m also tickled that Pay Me, Bug! has it’s own TVTropes page. That’s awesome.[/efn_notes]

Anyway, last night I stumbled across the entry for Captain Ersatz and decided I had to add Liberty from Curveball as an example, because duh. And then I wondered what other tropes I could find that are represented in that work.

I have thirty so far:


Smoking is Cool (CB)

Gun Fu (CB again)

Reliably Unreliable Guns

Hollywood Silencer (Issue One. Sorry about that.)

Artistic License – Physics

Big Applesauce

Comic Book Time (specifically called out and dealt with.)

Captain Patriotic (Um… yeah.)

Reed Richards is Useless (specifically discussed in Issue Eight)

Super Registration Act (also Issue Eight)

Wretched Hive (Farraday City)

It’s Personal

Enhance Button (averted in Issue Four)

Instant Death Bullet

Telepathic Sprinklers (Issue One)

Powered Armor

Affably Evil (Overmind)

Trenchcoat Brigade (CB)

Deadpan Snarker (CB)

Badass Longcoat (CB)

Superhero Packing Heat (CB, occasionally) (Street Ronin)

Military Superhero (Liberty)

Code Name

Comic Book Movies Don’t Use Codenames

Good Thing You Can Heal (Vigilante)

Heroic Fatigue

Heel Face Turn (Only mentioned so far)

Utility Belt (CB’s trench coat pockets)

Not Wearing Tights

Feel free to add more!

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