Pay Me, Bug! Now available as Trade Paperback

It exists, in physical form

It is finally here:

Creating an eBook is about ten thousand times easier than creating a paperback, even if you’re using a service like CreateSpace (which makes it a lot easier than it has any right to be). I started this project in late November, spent a month and a half trying to figure out how to fix grievous formatting errors, then after getting my proof had to go through and fix things again. But I finished, and here it is, in all its yet-to-be-determined glory.

Pay Me, Bug! (Trade Paperback Edition) weights in at 352 pages, and has the awesome Garth Graham cover on it, in all its glory. It costs $13.50, which isn’t the cheapest I’ve ever seen a trade paperback run, but I’m limited by print-on-demand costs and the extra costs of using CreateSpace’s arrangement with Ingram for wider distribution. Still, it’s significantly better than what last years attempt would have cost (last year, when I tried to do this through Lulu, the lowest I could price the paperback was twenty freaking dollars).

Meanwhile, this process has added a few benefits for the eBook version: As I was proofing the paperback I found a few typos that I also fixed in the ePub and Kindle versions (which are being updated as we speak on Kobo and Amazon–Barnes and Noble is having some kind of server problems, and I can’t update anything there yet). The eBook versions also have the new cover, though it is smaller and not as glossy.

The paperback is currently on sale directly through the CreateSpace store. In about a week it should also be available on A few days after that it should actually be available for order on other sites.

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