Pay Me, Bug! is getting a new cover

I’ve been trying to create a trade paperback of Pay Me, Bug! for almost a year. My first attempt was with Lulu. The samples were good, but when I tried to use their option to sell to distributors (like Amazon) the price of printing the paperback mysteriously shot up to the point where I would have had to sell each copy for twenty freaking dollars in order to break even. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Pay Me, Bug! is a fine story… but it’s not twenty dollars worth of story in paperback form.

So next I went to CreateSpace. Their prices are a lot lower (a lot) but they told me the cover I was using wouldn’t work. That made sense–the cover was intended to be used on an eBook, which is considerably smaller. Unfortunately CreateSpace complained that the letters were too close to the edge of the page, and would be in danger of being cut off when the book was being created. So, as cool as I thought the cover was, I was going to need something new.

Enter Garth Graham.

Garth’s work has already appeared on this site. He designed the main graphic for Curveball and I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of it. I asked him if he was free for more work, and after a complicated process that involved me giving him money he gave me a new cover for Pay Me, Bug!. I just got the final art today. And I’m going to show it to you in this very post.


New cover by Garth Graham!

If you ever wondered what Ktk looked like, wonder no more.

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