Roundtable Podcast: Paul Elard Cooley

Pssst. Remember when I told you that was going to be on a podcast? And then when I told you that I had actually recorded the podcast I was going to be on? Well, the guest writer who mentors me during my workshop is a guy named Paul E. Cooley, and today The Roundtable Podcast released their 20-minute interview with him.

Paul is a horror writer. I am not usually a fan of horror: sure, I like Lovecraft as much as the next guy, but on the main it’s not my thing. Bear that in mind when I tell you that after I read Garaaga’s Children: Legends out of a dutiful obligation to get to know my mentor better I went out and bought every other book he’s written in that series so far (there are three in all, with a fourth on the way, and more to come).

Anyway, I recommend you all head over to the Roundtable Podcast website and listen to Paul’s interview. I can’t remember whether or not you want to wear headphones if you’re at work, but it’s generally a safe bet. Sometimes they work blue…

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