The Points Between Returns! Finally.

At the end of November I had a plan. The plan included getting Pay Me, Bug! prepped for distribution on Smashwords and iTunes, as well as continuing updates of The Points Between, as well as continuing to update Help Desk, as well as, you know, doing all those Christmas things people do in December.1

Unfortunately, December had other plans.

First week of December I realized the podcasts were out of sync with the posted chapters of The Points Between. The most recent podcast was for Chapter 10, and I currently had Chapter 11 up. I decided to sync them—I would record Chapter 11 over the weekend, then update the next chapter, then resume posting podcasts the day after publishing the chapter on the site. So The Points Between slipped a week.

Next week I had to put Pandora, our oldest dog, to sleep. That was incredibly difficult, emotionally draining, and made it was impossible to do much of anything. So I didn’t record a podcast, and The Points Between slipped another week.

The week after that my wife got into a car accident—she and our daughter were fine, thankfully, but the car was totaled. This put us in a mad scramble to get another car as quickly as possible. “As quickly as possible” turned out to be “a week and a half,” and by that point I’d written off December as a month when I was going to be able to do anything useful as far as The Points Between was concerned.

So then we had Christmas. Then the New Year. And today I finally posted Chapter 12.

For those of you who were waiting on the update, welcome back. I hope it was worth the wait.


  1. Assuming they celebrate Christmas. Which I do, so it’s a valid assumption in this specific set of circumstances.

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