A Website That Doesn't Currently Exist (Part Two)

Submitted by C B Wright on

Those of you who listen to the podcasts of The Points Between may be curious about the intro/exit music I use in each episode. If you're one of those people, here's the full song -- bask in my attempt to channel the Sisters of Mercy:

The Baptist Death Ray: Deus Ex Machina (mp3)


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I'm getting a giant "attack

I'm getting a giant "attack page" warning now from firefox if I click that link in the RSS feed.

Strangely enough it's not complaining about baptistdeathray.com itself - it's complaining about "enormousw1illa.com" which really does sound like an attack page.

And when I access that link through the site, rather than the feed, there is no attack page warning, the file downloads fine, and it actually sounds like music when played through VLC .. hum.


I need to get that fixed. Thanks!

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