Pay Me, Bug! .epub sneak preview – available now!

For those of you who have been following the serial publication of my novel on, you can look forward to the last chapter being posted on October 19, the last podcast being posted on October 20, and for the world to be destroyed by fire on October 21.

There are only nine chapters to go: in nine weeks the entirety of the novel will be posted on my site. Shortly thereafter — assuming the world still exists — .epub and .mobi versions of the novel will be available on Amazon’s Kindle store, Barne’s and Noble’s Nook store, and the iTunes store.1

But if you’re impatient… if you want to be able to skip ahead to the end… or if you’re looking for an ebook at a discount… you can order a copy of the epub now through PayPal. Non-DRM’d, distributed under a CC license, and at the very low price of $1.99 US, it’s almost a steal.2

Purchase on PayPal, and get the ebook (roughly 600K in size) delivered straight to your email.

Avoid the holiday rush! Buy before Armageddon!


  1. And any other place I can think to put it.
  2. except for the fact that you’re legitimately buying it directly from the author.

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