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Today I turn 40 years old. The ramifications of this have yet to be determined.

Yesterday when I came into my work my co-workers gave me a little present... they compiled a List Of 50 Things That Are Younger Than Me. It is a list I now share with the rest of you:

1. The end of the gold standard

2. The first scientific hand-held calculator

3. Jane Fonda’s tour of Vietnam

4. The Godfather

5. Pong

6. Star Trek conventions

7. M*A*S*H

8. Roe vs. Wade

9. The CN Tower (Toronto, ON)

10. Lexis Nexis

11. The DC Metro

12. Abba’s “Dancing Queen”

13. Stephen King novels (all)

14. Joaquin Phoenix

15. The Volkswagen Golf

16. Watergate

17. Wheel of Fortune

18. Iron Maiden

19. The Concorde

20. Gambling in Atlantic City

21. Roots

21. Every one of the Spice Girls

22. Apple Computers

23. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours

24. Manmade insulin

25. The Commodore PET

26. The Panama Canal Treaty

27. Grenada (nation)

28. Qatar (nation)

29. Sri Lanka (nation)

30. Food Stamps

31. Larry Flynt’s Paralysis

32. The Compact Disc

33. Iron Man’s Alcoholism

34. Ra’s Al Ghul

35. Cherry Coke

36. CNN

37. The Ford Escort

38. AIDS

39. Monday Night Football

40. DeLorean Motor Company

41. The Seattle Mariners

42. 5 ¼” Floppy Disks

43. Hacky Sacks

44. Post-It Notes

45. Roller Blades

46. MRIs

47. Rubik’s Cubes

48. Disposable Cameras

49. The Price Is Right

50. The Space Shuttle Program

So there you have it. I am officially older than gambling in Atlantic City.


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some things that might not be younger than you

I don't need to nitpick, but
#7 M*A*S*H
The orignal novel by Richard Hooker was published in 1968, and the theatrical movie was made in 1969 and released in January 1970.
#30 Food Stamps
Wikipedia sets the date of the first "Food Stamps" program at May 1939 (older than both of us) but did not become an ongoing program until 1961 and not in every state in the U.S. until 1974.
#35 Cherry Coke
per Wikipedia "Long before its official introduction in 1985, many diners and drugstore soda fountains dispensed an unofficial version of Cherry Coke by adding cherry-flavored syrup to the Coca-Cola mix." I recall consuming Cherry Coke in one form or another before YOU were born.
#49 The Price Is Right
The original "The Price Is Right" debuted in 1956 and ran for 9 years with host Bill Cullen (who hosted umpteen other shows including "The $25,000 Pyramid") and announcer Don Pardo (who was also the announcer of the first version of "Jeopardy"). The show with Bob Barker that debuted in 1972 was originally titled "The New Price Is Right".

on the other hand, #12 Abba's "Dancing Queen"
The group ABBA was not formed until 1972, so you're older than all their hit records. Enjoy your old age.

Merry christmas, dude. Much

Merry christmas, dude. Much love, Me.

The Anono in your El.

I was going to say that

M*A*S*H is one of the things I was going to list on Twitter that are older than Christopher but younger than me, but it was Twittter so I didn't get to it.

For anyone here who missed it there, the list was: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Spider-Man, and the X-Men.

Sorry again...

The Concorde first flew in 1969, so it pre-dates us both by two years. However it didn't enter commercial service until the mid 70s.

Interestingly, whilst you are post-decimal, I am just pre-decimal. The UK changed it's money at the end of January 1971, so that each Pound Sterling became 100 pennies (like the Dollar), whereas previously it had been 240 pennies. Being born on January 2nd, I snuck in under the wire of being "old money" :)

The event is overblown

I hit 50 recently. Looking back a decade I don't see that 40 mattered much. But hey, any excuse for a party!

Possibly one more...

I think that Stephen King may have begun work on The Gunslinger, which became the first part of The Dark Tower, while he was in college. But, it wasn't published until 1978 and then as a short story, so it may or may not count.

OTOH, I'd have to double-check the copyright, but the Peanuts trash can in my bedroom may be older than you are. I've held onto it for many, many years.

A belated happy birthday!

#48 disposable cameras...

This one is wrong...

Unless you were born in the 1800s sometime...

One of the first 'affordable' cameras available on the market was a disposable 'pinhole camera'.
It consisted of an already-prepared photographic plate with paper bellows mounted to the sensitive side, and where the lens would sit was a small pinhole covered by a flap of paper or tape.
To use you pointed it in the general direction you wanted to take a picture off, extended the belows, then pulled away the flap and waited. (Have no clue as to exposure times. Expect it to be measured in minutes) Afterwards you closed the flap, deflated the bellows and mailed it to the company that made it.(I believe that developing and return of the finished picture was included in the price)
Yes, it was manufactured and sold in the USA sometime around 1890.
(I like doing pinhole photography... I also like to surf the net... )

error too

According to wiki rubics cube's from 1974.


And I'm from '71. So I have three years on it.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

In short, a poorly-researched present.

If it's any consolation, I'm only five years behind you.

You'll always be older than I of course, but still...


... you're too kind. No, really. You shouldn't have. :-D

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.


I do what I can.

Pong? Ouch, now THAT was

Pong? Ouch, now THAT was just cruel of them.

Of course, JFK was still President of that country to the south when I was born, so who am I to talk?

Good health and many more!

Still younger than dirt, though.

difficult English it is

Ahh, I misread the purpose of the list, sorry.