Threatening Fan Mail

On Saturday I received an email that I just have to share with the rest of you:

I wrote a small shell script just to annoy you about kernel panic. It will schedule random emails with random nagging comments to write more kernel panic, it will also send them at complete random times with the only thing specified is how many times I want to bug you, but even then it will pick a number between 1 and the number I give it and that’s how many times it will bug you. So kind of the shell and kernel bugging you about kernel panic I am just merely suggesting what thoughts it should say and give it a ceiling number.

DONT MAKE ME PUT IT ON MY CRON, I can’t seem to work out the bug that it will only email you during business hours.

Sheesh. 😀

While threats that appeal to my sense of creativity and whimsy do in fact work, the other option is to send me lots and lots of money through PayPal. I’m not saying I can be bribed, I’m just saying “lots and lots of money through PayPal” because saying it makes me smile.

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