A Very Special Announcement

At last the time has come to reveal to you all the future of this site.

I’ve spent the last fourteen years studying the webcomic community carefully, taking note of what works, what doesn’t, and at last I am ready to transform this comic into a monetized, full-blown commercial product that will allow me to quit my day job and spend all my time raking in cash from the Internet.

Effective almost immediately, expect to see the following changes:

1. Each comic on the site will update twice a day. Common wisdom is that updating once a day is required in order to dramatically increase your readership, and my initial estimate is that twice a day will provide a 100% improvement over that.

1. will immediately be converted to a 100% flash-based site. This will allow me to create a more elaborate, interactive interface that will allow me to force my readers to click on advertisements before being allowed to browse through the archives.

1. Help Desk, Kernel Panic, Old Skool Webcomic and PCTown will immediately be turned into manga comics:

  • Help Deskwill be about a young Japanese schoolgirl who works nights at a Help Desk center, unaware that she is the chosen one who has the power to defeat a returning evil that looks like a cross between a big robot and Cthulhu.
  • Kernel Panicwill be about a homeless young man with amnesia who gradually realizes his father was a vampire and his mother was a dragon.
  • PCTownwill be about a young Japanese schoolgirl who meets a homeless young man with amnesia, and they realize they are the chosen ones destined to defeat the man’s vampire father and dragon mother.
  • Old Skool Webcomicwill be about two circles who talk about random things and fight each other with swords roughly seven times their size.

1. All comics will now be hand-drawn. This will last for about a week, after which everyone will realize how much better off we all were before I tried to draw by hand and then it will go back to clipart. But, you know, Manga clipart.

I’m sure you’re just as excited about this new direction as I am.

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