Important Event vs. Publishing Schedule

I’m sitting in an airport terminal typing on a ridiculously small netbook (running Kubuntu Karmic, naturally) waiting for a plane to take me to Charlotte, then to Jackson, all so I can wind up in Monroe, LA tomorrow. That is when and where we finalize the adoption of our daughter.

Obviously this is a pretty big deal — huge — and it overshadows other petty concerns like “webcomic update schedules” and the like. That said, I did manage to put up a comic today, and I just finished loading tomorrow’s comic as well. The question is, what about Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

Well I haven’t ruled out doing comics for them. This netbook has decent battery life and is powerful enough to handle the needs of my cut-and-paste workflow so I might actually be able to get those out of the way on the plane. Or on the other plane. Or while I’m waiting for either one of the planes, or even in the hotel room. But it all depends on how reliable the wireless access is.

So we’ll see. Naturally there’s a certain level of appeal in actually managing to make my deadline for an entire month straight. On the other hand, even if I don’t manage that I get to become my daughter’s legal father, which is, all things considered, far more ridiculously awesome.

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