I’m Not Dead, Just Really, Really Busy

I know, I know. I have a storyline to wrap up and a lot of other things to do with the site. Unfortunately my paying gig has been in “crunch time” for the last month and a half and the last week or two in particular has been very demanding of my time and energy, so pretty much everything else has fallen by the wayside.

But I am planning a rally and return. Maybe as soon as tomorrow. I’m just trying to get my jellified brain to coalesce into something that resembles the semifirm grey matter it used to be. Also, in a semi-related announcement, this November it will once again be time for National Novel Writing Month.

I feel mild despair at the amount of time it’s going to consume, but I. Just. Can’t. Not. Do. It. It’s literary crack. At the very least, it’s a hack’s methamphetamine. So I’m doing it again. This will be my 7th go at it, so far I’ve hit the 50K mark twice. We’ll see how it goes this time. Last year, due to the arrival of my daughter, I made extremely little progress. Now my daughter is one and she is mostly in bed by 8, so I might actually have a shot at this thing.

I mention this now, at the end of September, because I’m going to try to do something a little a different this time around — I’m actually planning parts of the story out in advance. (You’re allowed to do that, you’re just not allowed to write anything in advance). I’m deviating slightly from my previous attempts in that this time around I’m going to try to take a story concept from a previous NaNoWriMo and completely redo it, starting from scratch, at the beginning. I’m not sure what the official NNWM ruling is on things like that, but for crying out loud I have four unfinished ideas and I can’t afford the possibility of a fifth, I think it might break my brain.

So. Which of you lot are brave and/or foolish enough to take the leap with me? Jump on in! It’s just a little chum.

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