FLOSS was a good time. Now back to stuff.

So FLOSS was a lot of fun. It was crowded — there were six people in the broadcast, three hosts and three guests — so there were a lot of things that could have been covered that weren’t. I don’t think I made a fool of myself on the air (for the most part) but I’ll have to wait until the podcast is released on Saturday to find out. I did unintentionally insult a reader and insult fan fiction in general when I told a story about someone asking permission to use Binky in a fanfic: I said that I told the reader he/she was free to do so but I didn’t want to know anything about it, implying that fan fiction was distasteful (something I don’t believe). What I meant to say was that I didn’t want to know anything about it if it wound up being slashfic: I don’t know how that would work, but I’m sure someone, somewhere would be willing to give it a shot, and I find the thought vaguely disturbing.

Other than that there were things I wanted to say but simply didn’t have time to. I may actually write about them instead, if they wind up interesting me enough. We’ll see.

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