FLOSS update - If You Want To Watch The Show...

Submitted by C B Wright on

If you're interested in viewing the live broadcast of the episode of FLOSS I'm going to be participating in, head on over to TWiT Live around 4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST... I guess around 8:30pm GMT (if we're still factoring in daylight savings time over there) or 9:30pm GMT (if we're not). If you're not interested in the video feed then the podcast will released sometime on Saturday over here.


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I watched it

Congradulations! Great show!
Object-oriented comics :p

Firefox zoom works fine. Being about FLOSS, I'm curious as to why they used IE.

lol @ dead silence.

Notes to twit.tv which I don't care enough to tell them:
Stop adjusting aspect ratios on the fly.
Adjust titles more rapidly, they showed Chris Wright on the host and KevinandKell.
Research people more, asking Chris if this is his full-time job?

Yes. Yes it was. :-)

Yes. Yes it was. :-)

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