New Job, Moving to West Virginia

Obviously my publication schedule has been thrown off whack yet again. This time, however, it’s because of some good news: I’ve been offered a job in Bridgeport, West Virginia and am gearing up to make the move.

Moving from Monroe, Louisiana to Bridgeport, West Virginia is a pretty monumental undertaking (from where I’m standing, at any rate) — the most difficult part of involves trying to find a rental property (home or apartment, I don’t care) that will actually accept tenants with large dogs. Both of my dogs are over 50 pounds in weight and most of the leases we’ve found so far only permit pets under 35 lbs. One or two permit pets under 50.

Anyway, expect a random and inconsistent schedule. You know — the usual.

(Any readers in the Bridgeport area who have suggestions on any large-pet-friendly rentals please drop me a line. wrightc “at” ubersoft “dot” net.)

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