Preserving Our Precious Artistic Resources

It should be no surprise to you all that I am an enthusiastic conservationist. Twelve years ago I forced myself to adhere to a strict recycling program so that no unnecessary art would be consumed. In those twelve years I think it is fair to say I’ve become the Prius of artistic consumption: Help Desk goes farther on less art than any other webcomic still in production today. I take pride in this, secure in the knowledge that I’m doing my part to ensure that future generations of artists will still be able to use that most precious of all our natural resources: art.

Unfortunately over the last two weeks I’ve found myself dipping more and more frequently into that precious supply. I have been, it’s sad to say, burning through my artistic reserves like a gluttonous fool, and yesterday I was forced to suffer the consequences: I ran out of art.

Today my emergency stockpile kicked in, enough for me to add some arm gestures and slightly rotate a few pre-existing figures… but I fear for my future. I have, in my arrogance, squandered all I had saved over the last decade-plus, and now I will need to find alternate methods of extracting art from nature.

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