PC Magazine Lives In Fear Of Ubersoft.net

Submitted by C B Wright on

PC Magazine fears me. That is, I think, the only logical explanation.

First they published 10 Wicked Awesome Webcomics, a list of the ten comics they decided had the highest amount of "awesome" tempered with "wicked."

Help Desk wasn't on the list. At the time I could only assume the reason was because Help Desk is "awesomely wicked" instead of "wicked awesome." Still, all the comics they did list are worth looking at.

Now they've published The 10 Best Unsung Webcomics, a list of the ten best comics that don't get the attention they deserve.

Help Desk wasn't on that list, either, and now of course under the Internet Self Promotion Act of 2001 I am obliged to state that the reason I'm not on the list is because PC Magazine fears me. I've never been shy of ridiculing the Computer Industry Press, so obviously they're retaliating by whimpering in fear any time my url is mentioned.

It's the only possible reason!

That's right, guys... I know. I know your fear. If the Internet had olfactory bandwidth I'd be able to smell it.1

... ahem.

That said, you should still check out their list. There are some good comics on it.

  • 1. For the love of God, do not take this statement as an invitation to add olfactory bandwidth to the Internet.


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Wanna see my list? This is my list of comics that I read daily every day in a 24 hour period or so.

Max the Dork's Daily Dozen (plus 7)

There's two in my bookmarks that I haven't added to the list, those are Lizzy and Cool Cat Studio.

Also, highly disappointed that 5ideways is gone. I'm holding out hope that it'll return someday but it's been since December of 2007 I think. I still check Eat the Roses every once in a while even though there hasn't been an update since September 2006.

Anyway I read Helpdesk every day so PC Magazine can take a flying leap.

Heck yes (-:

Heck yes (-: