Famous At Last!

Some of you have pointed out that Groklaw has taken notice of one of my many SCO-bashing strips from 2003 and had put it on their front page — and called me a prophet to boot!

I always love being noticed by the good guys, and Groklaw definately qualifies there — they cover legal Things of Import in the realm of technology and translate it for those of us who don’t have time, patience, background, or the ability not to get distracted by shiny things when lawyers ramble on for 50 hours about a motion concerning a motion to consider the possible approval of a motion to allow evidence that was previously disputed to be reconsidered under Section 5 Title IV of the “The Only Reason This Got Passed Was That Iowa Needed Something To Attach An Ungodly Pork Barrel Rider To, And Besides That It’s To Protect The Children” Act.

Sorry, Iowa. Nothing personal. I just chose you at random.

At any rate, Groklaw peers through the arcane and the obscure and translates it into relatively comprehensible regular, everyday speech. And they get a lot of crap for it… Pamela Jones (editor of Groklaw) has been the victim of a smear campaign more than once because of Groklaw’s insistence on covering things some companies would rather just remain uncovered. (At one point I had actually planned to do a parody of that, but I never got around to it. I don’t remember why, but I guess I thought it probably required too much new drawing, because that’s usually why I don’t get around to things.)

As tempted as I am to accept the title of Industry Prophet without comment, though, I have to admit that I didn’t come up with that particular comic on my own. There was a lot of speculation at the time that SCO had decided to be pushy with it’s claimed intellectual property (and its eventual lawsuits) specifically to provoke a richer company to buy it in order to avoid the cost of litigation, and all I did was twist it up a little.

I will, however, claim credit for emotional property. And last week a reader found this.

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