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Unfortunately the computer I use to create Help Desk has developed an annoying problem of freezing shortly after it boots. This makes actually using it something of a challenge.

Fortunately I am now in the habit of making semi-regular backups. :) Still, I need to go through those to get everything I need to transfer it to my other computer.


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Please don't tell me it's

Please don't tell me it's Windoze. explorer.exe - I can't believe that this gets out M$'s door every time... it has been known to freeze on boot. Try hitting Ctrl-Shift-Esc, go to the Processes tab, then Shut Down, then Log Off ... then log back in again. This tends to clear it up for me. (These instructions are for Xtra-Pints (for Gates) and Vista of the mountains of money raked in only.

It's a Hardware Issue

It's a relatively new laptop, and it freezes regardless of whether I'm running XP or Kubuntu (dual-boot). I *think* the problem has to do with RAM -- not the RAM itself, but the place on the motherboard where you insert it. But I'm really not sure. Fortunately I'm still under warranty, and my old laptop will be perfectly serviceable as soon as I update it with a few things...

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My motherboard just died on Friday night. It was working when I left, but when I got back the computer would no longer turn on. The AC adapter would be fine when you plug it in to the wall, but die when you plug it in to the computer. The battery is fully charged.

It took an hour to get the Dell guy to agree it was a motherboard issue, and another 20 minutes to get him to send out a tech with a new mobo instead of sending me a box to mail the laptop in to the depot for a month.

It's not like I paid for next-day on-site support or anything. Oh wait, I DID PAY FOR THAT!!!!!!

Long ago...far away...wait,

Long ago...far away...wait, that's the wrong song...

A guy I knew had Windows loaded, 95 or 98 or ??, and he called me to ask what to do...seems as though the machine would boot, bring up the desktop and then tell him it was OK to shutdown. No option to cancel IIRC.


POWER DOWN! I knew that.