NaNoWriMo Post-Mortem

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NaNoWriMo 2007 was a bust this year. Not in general -- as far as I can tell it went off without a hitch... they even had various writers (including Neil Gaiman!) send off the weekly pep talk emails that were sent to all participants.

But this year November wouldn't let me catch a break. There were all kinds of fires to put out here (including a very hectic and drawn-out attempt to find work in an area that has no particular need for someone with fifteen years of technical writing experience, culminating in a four month job offer in New Orleans that has been pushed back to January 2008) and I had little time to sit down and think, much less actually write anything. I managed about 4,000 words on the first weekend, and never got back to it afterwards.

But that's OK. There's always next year.

Those of you who did better (or even if you did worse!) -- post your wordcount here.


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By Midnight, November 30, I

By Midnight, November 30, I had a little over 64,000 words. I'm up to almost 69,000 now, I still have a long ways to go to complete my book. But at least I got the 50K (by November 25, a new personal best).

What's your username on Nano? I'd love to add you as a buddy. I'm maxthedork (go figure).

I'm pretty sure it's

I'm pretty sure it's ubersoft. :)

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Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Subject Line

Wow. My post-NaNo blog post was also called "NaNoWriMo Postmortem". But it sounds like yours actually did die, where as mine mostly referred to the death of my November life. It's my first year but I made it to 55K, and I'm proud of that.

Anyway, that's too bad. Better luck next year!

A couple hundred under 3000

A couple hundred under 3000 over a period of several days.

High school totally devoured me and spat me back out. The fact that I realized that I hated the plot I had in mind and changed to some sort of daft grammatical superhero noir parody midway through didn't really give me a coherent focus, either.

Just made it.

50,098 word, I think. I had to extend my ending though. I swear my piece is a bunch of short stories put together and I did a lot of writer interludes, but at least one friend found the work to be enjoyable and ask that I keep the writer interludes in, since she found them really interesting and funny.

50896 for me, but the story

50896 for me, but the story isn't done, so ... on I go.

Sorry November tried to compete with April as the cruelest month.


Mine was a no-starter, November is always my busy time for assignments. This is my last year though so maybe next year.


I got about 1500 words done, being made redundant at the start of the month kinda made my priority be getting a new job, by the time I found time to write I would have needed to write about 8000 words a day at least to hit the target and gave up.

Roll on next year though.

umm, yeah....

I think I made 9,000 some. Too much schoolwork, too much workwork, too many children around....

Post count...

First time I tried, even got on three NaNoWriMo meetings near me and yet I only managed to write 10532 words. I blame work and busy weekends.

Next year, I'll do it next year.

Ugh. I only got like 12,000

Ugh. I only got like 12,000 done. But at least my brain supplied some quality work, if not quantity - I like the story I came up with.

Worse? I did worse.

I barely broke 1000 on my official NaNoWriMo project. However, I did reach about 6000 in edited words in unrelated short stories. Not bad when writing time is limited to 40 minutes a day five days a week (train ride home).


Three out of four

I don't think I ever got to 51k - fifty thousand nine hundred something... It was my 3rd NaNo in 4 years and I'm quite proud of winning every single one I attempted. The idea for this year's NaNo was horrible, but I somehow managed to get to the finish line - last words were "The End", though...