Cell Phones are Ridiculously Expensive

As chronicled elsewhere on this site, my Alaskan Husky Cheyenne destroyed my beloved Palm Treo 680 smartphone to the point where it is no longer usable as a phone, period. I’ve been doing without since then and I have an impressive amount of rollover minutes to show for it.

But now we’ve decided it will be more economical for us if we drop our land-line and use cellphones exclusively, so God help me, I need to buy a cell phone. And it looks like it’s going to hurt my wallet something fierce.

Cell phones aren’t cheap. You can get a cell phone for free when you sign up for a service plan, but that’s because cellular companies are trying to suck you in to their ridiculously overpriced world. When you already have a service plan with them, they’re not interested in giving you a discount on anything. You have to pay full price.

So I went into the AT&T store wondering how much it was going to hurt. The answer: the cheapest phone they had in the store was $220.

The cheapest. The little phone with no camera that looked like it would fall to pieces after being opened three times. $220.

“But,” the guy behind the counter said, “for only $130 more you can buy an iPhone.”

The cost of replacing my Treo? A little under $500 when you factor in tax.

“The iPhone would cheaper,” the salesman said helpfully. I think they get bonuses for every iPhone they sell.

I didn’t buy anything, but I’m going to have to pretty soon. Argh, that damn dog…

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