Connectivity Problems, Updated

Submitted by C B Wright on

After a week of the cable modem being up, down, up, down, up when I'm on the phone with tech support, down when I get off the phone with tech support, etc., etc., etc... I was finally able to get on the phone with tech support while they were actively monitoring my cable modem while the damn thing connected and disconnected at least three times.

They now agree I have a problem. :)

The lady on the other end of the phone noticed that their monitoring system was showing some very strange power fluctuations, and they'll be sending someone over to look at it more closely either today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, I fully expect a dimensional rift to spawn outside my bedroom window, sucking my wife and I into an alternate universe where I have grown rich licensing my comic to consultants who train marketing and legal departments in large corporations all across the computer industry.

In this alternate dimension I have a goatee and a private dirigible. Naturally.

Meanwhile, in this dimension, my internet access is still spotty.


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cable modem connection

I had similar problems this past February that were finally resolved when the cable company repaired some of their equipment. I did find that taking them up on a swap to a newer cable modem helped out as well, so if you own an older cable modem you might want to consider this.

You might also want to access whatever diagnostics your cable modem offers. Mine reports various signal levels and event history that can be useful in determining what is going on. Usually there is a CD that comes with the cable modem with tools for this, but that usually requires Windows to use. My cable modem has an http interface that can be accessed via browser once you know the IP address and set your routing properly to reach it. I assume that this interface is what is used behind the curtain by the Windows utilities to provide the information.

Good luck in getting this sorted out. As you already know, getting the line to act up while someone is looking at it is key to getting it fixed. I believe my problem was an intermittent board in one of their "pole pigs" that had to be changed out. Since that has been taken care of my service has been quite reliable. I have only seen a few short outages since that point.

Of course that doesn't stop me from hating the cable company for their policies. I am waiting for Verizon to make their FIOS service available in my neighborhood and will jump on them the first moment it is available.