Connectivity Problems

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All through this weekend (lasting into today) my cable modem has been crashing, crashing, crashing, and crashing. I haven't really been able to sustain a stable connection to the internet for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I'm working on the problem... the comic will resume as soon as this gets cleared up.


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Good luck with that!

I cringe at the mere thought of having no connectivity (or a very lousy one) over an extended period of time...

"As soon as..."

... didn't really need to mean 3 Am, you know :)

I assume that "I'm working

I assume that "I'm working on the problem..." actually means "I'm sitting on tech support in India for the second consecutive hour..."

Actually, Tech Support has been pretty helpful.

So far I haven't had to wait much, and after going through their standard checklist of problems they've been pretty good at helping me and escalating my problem when necessary.

The problem is that my internet access is intermittent, and it's timed so that when I get bumped up to a specific level of tech support it mysteriously starts working again. :P

"So, sir, what is your problem?"

"My internet isn't -- er... oh, hey."

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That's when we roll the truck...

It may not actually solve the problem, but having a tech out there with their eyes on it can be amazingly useful.

Have they asked if your cable TV goes out simultaneously?

Whenever I go Googling as to

Whenever I go Googling as to why my ISP is so slow (as in 64Kbps download - should be 2Mbps), it’s odd that after 20 minutes it suddenly quickens up. It’s kind of creepy.