This is just not right.

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Via Slashdot.

MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Video

My brain... it won't stop bleeding...

...damn you Slashdot, you did this to me.


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Well, to be fair, MS-DOS 5

Well, to be fair, MS-DOS 5 was pretty decent. DR-DOS was better, of course, but MS-DOS got the job done.

It wasn't the technology...

... it was the rapping. Good Lord, the rapping.

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Not the worst thing I've seen

It's the second worst catchy-cheesy-white-people-rapping video I've ever seen. that is going to be stuck in my head for a long time. (the worst, by the way, was a video in driver's ed. To this day, whenever I'm driving next to a large truck, the phrase "Stay out of the no-zones" creeps into my head and makes me start bawling.)

Did they seriously

Did they seriously distribute this video? Did they seriously MAKE this video?

God I seriously hope no one

God I seriously hope no one actually made that, but even it they did would someone buy it from THAT?!

Another brain killing Windows promo video

If that one melted your brain, see what this Windows386 Promo video does (on Google video). When I tried to view the flash version it stopped just before the 7 minute mark, which is when the LSD seems to kick in for the people who made the video. I had to click the download button for the ipod/PSP version (mp4) to see the full 12 minute video. YMMV. But it's worth it.