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Today I published my 1500th Help Desk comic. This mighty achievement is mitigated by the simple fact that there are many webcomics out there that have been publishing for shorter amounts of time yet have amassed much larger archives (General Protection Fault, It's Walky!/Roomies, Schlock Mercenary -- to name only three) but still, I take my victories where I can.

So... wooo! 1500 strips! Let the hoopla begin!


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1500 comics … maybe half

1500 comics … maybe half feature Alex … four or five panels usually each … I'd say that's some good return from his template! And I mean that as an appreciative fan. ;-)

Well, you know...

I put a lot of time and effort into not putting any time and effort into my work.

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That pretty much sums up the whole computer world.



I followed the link. I looked up ICLRPD. I looked up LRPD.


Or maybe it's IRDU!

ICLRPD first coined by me.

ICLRPD is a combo of a couple of things.

http://z.iwethey.org/forums/images/lrpd.gif is a little pic called the "Little Red Plasma Dot" or LRPD (lurp-dee) which has a long history and grew into having meaning surrounding the GRR (Great Rotating Rod) in our spot on the internet.

Eventually, the bottom of that forum began to have quotes from the forums and other places, being shepherded by those(the) black-hooded followers of the GRR. They were being collected, someone asked what they were called... I think "admin" coined that they were "LRPDs" as a noun. The more the quotes were "kept" the more omniscient the alog for selecting thing appeared to be. People began declaring things like "I think that is an LRPD." or FUNNY quote... etc.

One day, I saw the light blinding me and I posted an "ICLRPD" as the subject of a post, in a branching reply to a very funny post. Others then claimed "ICLRPD" on my "ICLRPD" making is self referencing-recursive... sort of like "The Department of Redundancy Department".

Since then, its taken off quite well. You'd have to read many of the few hundred thousand posts to get and understanding of the group. IWETHEY stands for something as well, which I'll let you discover its true meaning and where we actually started.


Yay! 1500 Help Desk

Yay! 1500 Help Desk strips!

Now if only we had 1500 Kernel Panics... which hasn't been updated for nearly a month now. [We|I] want more KP!


I think I just heard you "ding"...

Here's to another 1500 more - over the next 10 years (and that's not a binary 10)