The Most Expensive Dog I’ve Ever Owned

I have two dogs: Pandora, a mix between a Labrador and something else (possibly a Chou), and Cheyenne, an Alaskan Husky. This is Cheyenne:

My dog, looking very dignified and proper

Cheyenne is a very, very, very bad dog.

This is a Treo 680:

A Treo 680 is a smartphone that is, in my opinion, a nearly perfect fusion of phone and PDA. It works almost exactly the way I want a smartphone to work. I’d like it more if it were a little bigger (to incorporate a slightly larger screen, keyboard, and battery) but all in all I’m quite happy with it.

This is a picture of a Treo 680 after Cheyenne decides it is a toy:

Post-dog Treo

From the front it doesn’t actually look so bad — it’s scratched up, the screen has bite marks on it (which makes it difficult to use the stylus, by the way) but it’s still mostly intact. This changes as soon as you flip it over on its back:

Oh, that antennae thing? You needed that?

The top of the Treo has been peeled open. Apparently Cheyenne thought there was something REALLY GOOD inside:

The phone has definitely lost its new car smell

It still works, after a fashion. It still turns on. It’s still quite functional as a PDA. However, the introduction of Husky saliva and teeth to the Treo’s internal workings has rendered the phone mostly useless — I get just enough reception for the phone to tell me someone is trying to call, and then I loose reception when I try to answer.

AT&T has informed me that this kind of damage is not covered under the phone’s warranty. One of their out-of-warrantly replacement service representatives has informed me that replacing the phone will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. For an extra fifty dollars over the “replacement price” I could buy an unlocked version of the phone directly from Palm that I could use with ANY PHONE COMPANY I CHOOSE.

Damn expensive dog…

You are a very bad dog, Cheyenne. Bad, bad, bad, bad dog.

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