The Most Expensive Dog I've Ever Owned

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I have two dogs: Pandora, a mix between a Labrador and something else (possibly a Chou), and Cheyenne, an Alaskan Husky. This is Cheyenne:


Cheyenne is a very, very, very bad dog.

This is a Treo 680:

Treo 680

A Treo 680 is a smartphone that is, in my opinion, a nearly perfect fusion of phone and PDA. It works almost exactly the way I want a smartphone to work. I'd like it more if it were a little bigger (to incorporate a slightly larger screen, keyboard, and battery) but all in all I'm quite happy with it.

This is a picture of a Treo 680 after Cheyenne decides it is a toy:

The front of a Treo chew-toy

From the front it doesn't actually look so bad -- it's scratched up, the screen has bite marks on it (which makes it difficult to use the stylus, by the way) but it's still mostly intact. This changes as soon as you flip it over on its back:

The back of a Treo chew-toy

The top of the Treo has been peeled open. Apparently Cheyenne thought there was something REALLY GOOD inside:

The top of a Treo chew-toy

It still works, after a fashion. It still turns on. It's still quite functional as a PDA. However, the introduction of Husky saliva and teeth to the Treo's internal workings has rendered the phone mostly useless -- I get just enough reception for the phone to tell me someone is trying to call, and then I loose reception when I try to answer.

AT&T has informed me that this kind of damage is not covered under the phone's warranty. One of their out-of-warrantly replacement service representatives has informed me that replacing the phone will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. For an extra fifty dollars over the "replacement price" I could buy an unlocked version of the phone directly from Palm that I could use with ANY PHONE COMPANY I CHOOSE.

Damn expensive dog...

You are a very bad dog, Cheyenne. Bad, bad, bad, bad dog.


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you still love her though

Having a dog is like having a 3 year old, except 3 year olds have opposable thumbs and can get into more mischief. On that note, sometimes I believe phone companies to be more evil the Microsoft, at least the ones up here are. I've considered dropping all phone communications all together, but I've already declared email bankruptcy, declaring phone bankruptcy would make me a communications hermit.

See the upside of it

At least it give you a good reason to buy an iPhone.

Good reason?

Have you seen the price of an iPhone? There's never a good reason to spend that much money on a phone.

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Might I recommend...

While this damage is not covered by warranties, it is covered by the insurance that phone companies (including AT&T) offer. (Because even if they tell you that this isn't, "losing" the phone is.) So I'd recommend that however you get a replacement, you add on the insurance for an extra $7is a month. There is usually a $50 deductible, but when you do the math, it usually winds up being worth it.


I had never even *heard* of such a thing until yesterday. They didn't mention it when I bought the original phone.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Have you let the unit dry

Have you let the unit dry out before trying to use it? I had a belt holster with my Motorola cell phone on it break while I was making use of a urinal and guess where the phone wound up! I took the battery out of it immediately and stopped by at Verizon on my way home. Their tech suggested I simply let the unit dry out for a day and then bring it back. When I brought it back it didn't work immediately, but did work fine after the tech replaced the battery. So all hope may not be lost yet. I doubt your husky dampened that unit worse than mine was and it worked fine after that until I replaced it a year later with a newer model.


or an iPhone?

But that's an experiment pricey enough I wouldn't chance it.


What's wrong with Pandora's nose in that picture? It kind of looks like she wrapped her tongue around it, but only if her tongue is about 1/2" wide.

That's not Pandora

That's Cheyenne... and it's a weird picture. It looks like it was taken with a fishbowl lens, but it wasn't -- it was my digital camera. I guess the angle was just right and it turned into one of the more bizarre pictures I've ever taken of my husky.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

cleaning the unit

If you are are going to try and dry the unit, I would suggest gently washing the unit with Distilled water(or if you can't get any, De-mineralised is the next best thing). It shouldn't do any extra damage than the Dog-Slobber, and will clean any residue that might be interfering with the electronics.


I think the dog-slobber is the secondary concern...

... I think the real problem is the physical damage Cheyenne did to the top of the phone -- she ripped out some of the electronics there, including (I think) part of the internal antennae. I can't get a signal.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions. chomping is chomping is definitely more damaging than dog drooling or dog licking. I think a new phone is in your future -- however you manage it (replacement or new purchase). But checking the "lost phone" insurance angle is definitely worth doing. What is it about Huskies and plastics? They seem to have a fondness for "electronic roughage." When you get a new phone, maybe you need to chain it to your body at all times.

Vanya - That's not

Vanya - That's not Cheyenne's tongue, that's just her nose. A lot of huskies have a bicolored nose like that.

OldLady - You usually can't get insurance on a phone if you've had the phone for more than a month. I'd definitely recommend it when you do replace your phone, Chris. It's a lot better to pay a $50 deductible for a replacement phone than it is to have to buy a whole new phone.

Not sure if this will help...

This must not be a good week for PDAs.

Not sure if this will help, but the repair guy I usually go to is Chris Short. Here's his eBay listing, as well as my account of how he resurrected my Tungsten C. He'll be a lot cheaper than Palm's official support, although I don't know if he'll service smart phones. All I've seen him do so far have been PDAs. If you want to contact him directly (rather than through eBay), shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you his address.

Good luck, Chris. (And bad Cheyenne! No biscuit for you!)

Jeffrey T. Darlington
General Protection Fault

Jeffrey T. Darlington
General Protection Fault


My condolences. Know all about it. I have a 2 year old boxer know, damage so far: 2 TV remotes (she really likes those), a DECT phone + base station, 3 pairs of high-heel shoes (she likes those more), a laptop mouse, a box of rat poison (including a quick ride to the vet). All of the stools are somewhat "eaten" too...
But she still is one of the sweetest animals in the world :)

Don't feel so bad

Well last week I was involved in a hit and run. someone hit me, and left the second I mentioned Police. I live in Los Angeles now, and My spanish is horrible, and his english, was just as bad. Well my simple Nokia 6102 was destroyed in the process. But on the plus note, ATT had a nice price on a BlackBerry Pearl (red). Always wanted one. I got it for $30 on the AT&T's site. I got the red for 2 reasons, it was on sale and cheap. and Cause I always misplace my phone, I figured a red one would stick out.


Might I suggest the HTC Tytn

Might I suggest the HTC Tytn (Rebranded as several different names. The AT&T version is the AT&T 8525.)

It has a slide-out keyboard, so you have a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard. I ordered a replacement battery that adds a little extra bulk to the back, but lets me run for days of heavy use without recharging it. The specs are a bit better than the Treo as well.
Oh, plus it's pretty cheap. I got mine for free with a 2 year contract. Since it's predecessor recently came out, I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to find a cheap one on ebay or someplace else as well.

I prefer the Treo...

... I really do like the pull-out keyboard, but I wanted to go with a pilot because of the touchscreen and because of Palm's screen/stylus writing system (which, frustratingly enough, doesn't come standard with a Treo -- you have to buy it as an addon -- it still works once installed, though). I've always had a plam pilot and the writing system is pretty easy to learn and is (mostly) accurate.

Actually, I think it's a shame Palm doesn't just take out the keyboard and sell a smartphone that looks like the T|X.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Lose. I can't believe you

Lose. I can't believe you spelt it with two, you pansy. :p

The 8525 does have a

The 8525 does have a touchscreen, and there's free handwriting recognition software for it ;)

I've had Palm devices for at least a decade, and I've always loved the interface (indeed, my handwriting changed because I wrote with graffiti so much), but I have to say that Windows Mobile 6 wins, hands down.

But as long as you don't buy an iphone justice will be served :D