Fan Icons!

Submitted by C B Wright on

Help Desk reader Tasha Costa, inspired by Monday's comic, created the following icon:

And then created one of the miniature Evil Binky just for the heck of it:

I liked them, so I'm sharing.


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IM icon

We need a few more, then someone needs to make an animated .gif of them cycling. Perfect AIM buddy icon there.


Does that mean we're free to use them on our own websites... because that iPhone one is terrific!

Hm. Not sure, actually.

I didn't actually create them, so I don't think I can make that call.

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LJ credit?

They look sized for Livejournal... if the creator reads this, can s/he post if we're allowed to use them there, and to whom we should give credit?

The icons

I don't mind if anyone uses them - just let anyone who asks know that I made them. My site is - I'll probably be offering them for download there when I get my site finished.


These would look good on the front of a shirt.