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Yes, it's true -- aside from setting out on my own, today I also turn 36.


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Happy Birthday

Happy thirty sixth! I hope you have a good day, and it's cool to see the database up and running.


You didna mention a thing!

Happy Birthday!

The Anono in your El.

The Anono in your El.

Happy birthday! It's your

Happy birthday!

It's your birthday, and yet you still put up a new comic? You've had days with a lot less important things going on where you didn't put one up.


1. Marvelous!

2. What the heck is Project Wonderful?

3. Who is this guy void initRand();?

4. Happy Birthday!


1. Thank you!

2. Project Wonderful is an interesting ad service that allows advertisers to bid on sites. It's sort of an ad auction process. I think the idea is interesting, and it gives the ad host a bit more control over what runs on the site and what doesn't.

3. "void initRand();" is just the name I decided to give my "site news" section... I'm not a programmer and I could be completely off, but it looked like some of kind random number generator call, which seemed suitably appropriate.

4. *sob*

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