Moving South

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Along with the potential return of the static site that I discussed earlier, the other big piece of news is that my wife and I are leaving the frozen north and moving to Monroe, Louisiana.

This will probably take place in late May, and until then we're going to be busy packing and fixing up and trying to sell our house (and I'll be trying to get work down there). What this means is that you Kernel Panic fans will have to wait a little longer before the strip starts up again. :)


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The Anono in your El.

The Anono in your El.

I'll miss the Capitol District reminiscing....

Even though, except for Holmes and Watson (if you haven't tried it and you have no objection to bars, you really should go before you leave), I've found very little to miss about Capitolland itself. Good luck with the move, and as I used to say at 1 in the morning, Good night from all of us at 91.5 FM, WRPI, Troy!

Well I liked living in

Well I liked living in Lansingburgh, and I liked going to the drive-in just outside of Troy. And I'll miss our house, a grand old Victorian built in 1886... easily the largest house I will ever own.

But I won't miss the winters. And it'll be nice to be back down South again. Though years of living up here have corrupted me, and the locals will be greatly amused by the way I say "coffee."

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