Drupal Notices Ubersoft

Submitted by C B Wright on

This is a kick -- after the site went live I went over the Drupal forums and posted a blurb about the site in the Drupal Showcase area of their forums. The Showcase is a place where people can announce their Drupal-powered websites.

It seems someone decided to promote my announcement to the Drupal Front Page.


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Drupal Front Page link broken

Congratulations on the new site! It looks great... I love the thumbnail tower!

You left the "http://" off of the link to the Drupal Front Page. Right now, when I hover over it it wants to connect to http://www.ubersoft.net/comment/reply/drupal.org (don't click that, it doesn't work).

It really does look great, though! And you got off of WordPress Just In Time, I think!


Just fixed it. Thanks for noticing that. :)

Drupal is supposed to be a bit more rugged than WordPress... so I'm hoping we'll avoid the site crashes we'd all come to know and... er... to know.

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