AEInterlude: Part Two

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Raleigh, NC

It’s Friday afternoon and the bank lobby is crowded. Special Agent Alan Grant sighs in irritation as he glances at his watch, noting with displeasure that they’ve only moved up two spaces in the last thirty minutes.

“You’re not supposed to be the fidgety one, Grant.” Special Agent Lijuan Hu suppresses a grin as she stares at her partner. “You can be doing other things while we wait.”

“I am doing other things while we wait,” Grant says. “But none of them are ‘getting closer to Farraday City,’ which is what I want to be doing.”

AEInterlude: Part One

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Esperanza, July 20, 1992

David Bernard and Artemis LaFleur stand in the living room of a small house near the shore of an island that only barely exists. Through the curtained windows the bright glow of lightning flickers, followed shortly by the low rumble of thunder. It’s getting close to the moment when a pale copy of an Artemis that was—a byproduct of the island’s unique condition—will finish casting a spell that dooms the world.

David’s body sleeps fitfully on the couch beside them, and his consciousness—what he’s started thinking of as his “dream form”—stares down at it uneasily. The sleeping figure looks almost nothing like him—the full beard and long hair frame a face that is considerably more gaunt than it was when he arrived at the island. He’s never lacked for food, but the diet isn’t what he’s used to, and that combined with a severe concussion at the beginning of his stay contributed to a lot of weight loss. He looks like a man who has been stranded on an island for a year.

Which, in almost every sense, is true.

Pay Me, Bug! is in the Immerse-Or-Die StoryBundle

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Update: The ImmerseOrDie bundle is now live!

The 15th of April is a day of woe and suffering here in the United States. That's our deadline for filing Federal Income Taxes, you see, and that's when a lot of us watch sadly as we stuff envelopes full of money and watch that money fly away, never to return. It's a time of change: specifically, a time when change is really all we have left, jingling uselessly in our pockets.

It's a perfect time for a StoryBundle. And if you're going to buy a StoryBundle, why not buy one with Pay Me, Bug! in it?

On April 15, StoryBundle will launch a new collection of eight indie Fantasy and Science Fiction titles. It's the ImmerseOrDie StoryBundle, eight books (including mine) that passed the ImmerseOrDie Report.

King's Gambit: Part Four

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Esperanza, July 20, 1992

Artemis and David have been at the small house on the beach for four days, trying to decide what to do.

The library was acceptable as a base of operations when the focus of their activities was the palace, but when it became clear that was no longer the case David decided Artemis needed access to a real bed and a refrigerator stocked full of healthy food. Artemis didn’t object—he was subdued for most of the short trip back, brooding silently over the discovery that the books he’d counted on retrieving—the purpose of their trip to the island to begin with—were gone. And that they were taken, apparently, by a copy of himself.

An evil copy of himself.