The Drums of War: Part Two

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Farraday City Bunker

By the time Jenny is up and out of the shower CB and Red Shift are already dressed and staring down at the dinner table, where an actual fold-out map of Farraday City is spread over the top.

“Wow,” Jenny says, looking at the map. “I didn’t think they made those things any more.”

“So where did they trace it?” CB looks down at the map in irritation. “Saying ‘it’s in Farraday City’ isn’t very specific. We need something more specific.”

Red Shift shrugs. “Street Ronin thinks Zero can probably figure it out. They have to make some preparations before the move. Scrapper Jack hasn’t checked in yet, and Overmind and the Lieutenant are still looking into the magic thing. They have to make sure they can leave messages that won’t get intercepted.”

“I can figure what out?” Jenny goes over to the coffee and pours a cup. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Crossfire did something clever the other night,” CB says. “I’m trying not to sound impressed, so I’m complaining instead.”

The Drums of War: Part One

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Queens, 7PM

Roger Whitman stops at the end of his block, trying to figure out what’s bothering him about his street. The sun is down, and the streetlights shine dim white light that doesn’t quite reach the far end of the sidewalks. The street is empty and silent, the only sounds come from the families in their houses: TVs blaring, music playing, people laughing and shouting. The sounds aren’t overpowering—just there, familiar and comforting. Ten houses on each side of the street, cars in front of each.

That’s it. That’s what bothers him. There are too many cars.

Quick Status Update

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Eviscerati.Org has been a lot more quiet for the last week or two than I'd intended. Short version: a few days before Christmas, my primary work computer, a beast of a laptop that I've used for about four years, died abruptly. Because that is my work computer (work including the things I do on this site, and also the things I do 40 hours a week that allows me to pay my bills) I needed to get a replacement, fast. So this Christmas I found myself with an additional expense--a new desktop computer.

Except that I didn't just go out and buy a desktop computer. I bought a barebones system and extra parts, because it was cheaper. Unfortunately, the last time actually built a desktop computer was six years ago, and a lot has happened in the last six years. So instead of focusing on the enjoyable and creative things in my life, I've been holding together this new computer with duct tape during work hours, then trying to get it to actually work in my off hours.

So basically that combined with holidays means I have no updates for... well... anything. And the Publishing Of Great Things probably won't resume until January 5, because I need another weekend to iron everything out.

(The long version of this story is a lot more amusing and involves a desktop computer power supply actually exploding. But that story is going to have to wait.)

Curveball Audiobook Podcast: Issue One

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The full first issue of Curveball in mp3 format, as narrated by the author.

Curveball Issue One: Death of a Hero

Duration: 1:00:14

File size: 55.31mb

America's greatest hero lies dead, murdered in his home by an old enemy--but did his knowledge of Project Recall die with him? Meanwhile, in a city of corruption and excess, CB uncovers a strange series of killings the police are trying desperately to keep hidden.

What is Project Recall?