Point of No Return: Part Four

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Unknown, Tropical Climate

David Bernard struggles to open his eyes as he is suddenly inundated with the cold sting of ocean water rolling over his face.

He chokes, gagging as he tries to simultaneous expel the water he just inhaled and draw fresh air into his lungs. He panics for a moment as his body can’t seem to organize itself to do first one, then the other, but then he coughs, retches, and streams of ocean water come out of his mouth and nose. A moment later he breathes in—the air is sharp, and burns, but it’s a relief.

He looks down at his hands. They’re covered in white sand. He hears the roar of surf. He’s on a beach.

Point of No Return: Part Three

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Vigilante and Street Ronin stand on the roof of the Mercer Actuarial Building and stare down at the street below. Traffic is moderately heavy, and they frequently hear the sound of car horns blaring angrily as vehicles fight for the right of way.

“Audience tonight,” Street Ronin says. His voice is calm and steady, but Vigilante can detect an edge to it.

“Yeah,” Vigilante says. “That’s OK. Fun won’t start until we get in.”

They gaze at the TriHealth on the other side of the street. Mercer Actuarial is slightly taller than the TriHealth complex, so they’re looking down at its roof. The roof is a plain, flat surface with a cluster of exhaust vent pipes and a maintenance hatch.

“No security on the roof,” Street Ronin says. “Sure you don’t want to go in that way? A lot simpler.”

“Simpler,” Vigilante agrees. “Also quieter. We want to knock first.”

“OK,” Street Ronin says. “Help me get set up.”

Point of No Return: Part Two

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Farraday City Bunker

“Well that settles it, Miss Liberty. I’ll tell Vigilante and Street Ronin your new handle, and they’ll make sure to leak it to the Press.”

“The hell you will!” Jenny knows Red Shift is joking, but the constant needling is starting to get to her. It doesn’t help that she’s going stir crazy: the bunker wasn’t designed to hold three metahumans, especially when two of them have spent the last two weeks training. The entire place smells like a gym, and the rest of the bunker feels cramped since the main living space was converted into a sparring room. “I’m not refusing to take a name, I just can’t think of one.”

They’re all sitting around the little table in the kitchen drinking coffee: Red Shift and Jenny sit across from each other—something they’ve been doing more and more, as their teacher/student relationship grows steadily more adversarial, and CB sits a bit back from the table, an amused spectator, watching them exchange barbs.

Point of No Return: Part One

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Washington DC

Senator Tobias Alexander Morgan sits in his DC office, watching television.

He looks a lot like his grandfather, or the way his grandfather might have looked in his late fifties, if he’d aged like other people. Although his hair is dark—he takes after his mother in that respect—he has the same square jaw, and his eyes radiate the same piercing resolve that Liberty was so famous for. His appearance did a lot for his political career in the beginning. He knows it, and he doesn’t resent it. There’s no point in resenting an advantage.

Tobias is watching his Schenectady house burn to the ground. The networks still play the footage far more than he likes—not 24 hours a day, but it’s still one of their main stories. His staff turned it into a drinking game, and one of them ended up in the hospital.