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Same site, new IP, wha--hey, a popup!

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Last night my site host assigned me a new IP address. They aren't turning the old one off till some time next month, but I wasn't publishing anything today (sorry about that) so I figured I'd get it done.

Update server, update DNS, update mail, reboot server, wait for propagation to... um... propagate.

If you're seeing this, it's done, and hello, you shouldn't notice anything new.

... except for the anti-CISPA popup.

Wait, what? I'm letting popups on my site? Yes, just this one, because it's important.

New Markets, New Problems, New Prices

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Some quick news on the fiction side of things:

Pay Me, Bug! available on iTunes, unexpected price drop

Item One: Pay Me, Bug! is now (rather again, after a long absence) available for sale on iTunes. I pulled PMB! from iTunes shortly after it was put there because people who bought it noted strange formatting errors, and I had no reliable way to fix them. At the time, I was using Smashwords as my distributor, and I found other reports of people noticing the same issues with Smashword-generated epubs.