A Rake by Starlight - Chapter 03

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WHEREIN Tactical Miscalculations Lead to an Unfortunate Overreaction

The bridge was absent its usual cheerful banter as they closed in on the two craft.

“Grif…” Amys kept her voice deliberately neutral. “Since we have the time I’d like to go over a few charts with you.”

Grif almost smiled in spite of himself. She didn’t want to argue with him in front of the crew. “Don’t worry about making a scene, Amys. We’re all friends here. Speak up.”

Amys paused, considering whether to take him up on his offer. Then she decided.

“Grif, are you out of your goddamned mind?” The way she said it made it clear she was already leaning toward a specific answer.

A Rake by Starlight - Chapter 02

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WHEREIN Our Hero, Upon Witnessing a Curiosity, Makes an Unfortunate Decision

Like most Maximilian-class vessels still in use, the Fool’s Errand had originally been a troop transport. Maximilians were moderately successful in that role, but it wasn’t until after the line was decommissioned and the surviving ships were auctioned into the civilian world that they found their true calling as general purpose cargo ships. Maximilians were rugged, reliable ships that could function in planetary atmosphere without requiring anti-gravity or specialized shielding. They were also easy to modify: to most people familiar with the class, “Maximilian” meant “custom job.” Its reliability and versatility made it an ideal mid-line merchant and cargo ship, and was especially popular among successful independent merchants. It was also popular among smugglers and pirates, though some claimed that “a successful independent merchant” was, by definition, one or the other.

Grif loved his ship.