Eviscerati.Org, 2014 Edition

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One of the things I've wanted to do for a veeeeeeeery long time is support mobile devices. I toyed with a solution briefly last year but it wasn't very robust, and I decided I was going to wait until I had time to implement a proper solution.

How to implement a proper solution, you ask? Well, first you start developing using a Drupal template that that was specifically designed to support various media devices "automagically, on-the-fly." To do this I adopted a template from AdaptiveThemes and modified it to get it as close to my old site design as I could possibly manage. A few weeks later (and many sleepless nights later) this is the result.

There are a few quirks in the UI I haven't worked out yet. You may notice that the header is completely screwed when you're browsing with a smartphone or a tablet. I haven't quite figured out how to fix that just yet (if you happen to be a CSS whiz please feel free to open up Firebug, take a gander, and send me some advice!) I expect I'll find other charming issues along the way as well. But I think overall the change will be much more convenient for mobile users, and possibly not horrible for the rest of you as well.

A Rake by Starlight - Chapter 12

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WHEREIN People Who Are Not Friends Make Important Decisions

Major Velis Talisha Enge sat in her office, squinting at the display on her desk. There wasn’t any reason for her to squint—it was a top-of-the-line viewscreen, and she had nearly perfect vision. She was squinting because what she was reading didn’t make any sense, and she thought that if she intentionally made it blurry it might rearrange itself into something more comprehensible. It didn’t work. She hadn’t expected it to, but it annoyed her anyway.

Major Enge was, for lack of a better word, a spy. As a spy, she needed the information she received to make sense, and when information she expected to make sense didn’t, it meant that a fundamental assumption was wrong. When a fundamental assumption was wrong, it meant that the Organization was in trouble, and when the Organization was in trouble…

Keeping the Alliance of Free Worlds out of trouble was the entire point of the Organization. It was very important that their fundamental assumptions be right.

A Rake by Starlight - Chapter 11

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WHEREIN Our Hero Recognizes the Gravity of His Situation

Amys, Cyrus, Ktk, and Grif stood around the Captain’s Table, watching a holographic display of their tactical situation as they all frowned deeply. Well, the humans were frowning—Ktk ground the plates set behind its mandibles, a low, throbbing, grinding sound that communicated displeasure. It was the bug equivalent of a frown.

The holographic display was split into three views: the first showed the Fool’s Errand in orbit around Uru, the second showed the seven ships sitting motionless outside the system’s gravity well, and the third showed a large-scale tactical map with the Fool’s Errand, the seven ships outside the system, and the two that were closing in.

“So,” Grif said, “here’s our basic problem: they’re sending two ships in after us. We’re faster than they are, so we can avoid them if we exit the system at a full burn. I’m going to assume that’s what we want to do, based on the likelihood of them probably not wanting to talk.”

Nobody spoke up to agree with him. It wasn’t necessary.

Hey Look It's December

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The mad rush of December is upon us.

Some basic highlights for my month:

  • We're still trying to get a permanent place to live. Long-time readers may recall we've been trying to do this since, oh, June. If our latest attempt to secure long-term lodgings is successful, the matter will be resolved come February.
  • This is still disrupting everything else. There are people who can concentrate just fine without a dedicated concentrating-place. I'm apparently not one of them, at least not any more.
  • There are also other things disrupting everything else. You know, presents and little girls excited about Christmas and all that kind of stuff.
  • Hey look, new site features. To make myself feel better I decided to add two features to the site, features I'd been planning on adding (or in one case re-adding) for a while but didn't get around to it. The first is that those of you who post here now have access to a rich text editor. The second is that the forums are back.

At some point I'll probably post a follow-up that has more navel-gazing.

Top Seven Characters of Middle Earth who Resisted the Corruption of the One Ring Rather Well

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Last week I had to go on a business trip to Richmond. It's an 11-13 hour drive each way, and part of that journey gave me enough time to listen to about 5% of the audiobook recording of The Lord of the Rings (seriously--that's a ridiculously long audiobook, even if you skip over all the appendices at the end). As I was listening to this audiobook, I noted two things:

1. Listening to someone read about Hobbits makes me hungry.

2. For all the talk about how absolutely fatal the One True Ring was when it started tempting you, there were people who did rather well when the time came to face it down.

There's not much to tell about #1--it's pretty self-explanatory--but #2 distracted me for a while, because while the One Ring is described throughout the book as an Irresistable Force there are actually quite a few characters in the book that... well... resist it. Some resist more than others, but there are at least seven characters who resist it to an extent that must have pissed Sauron off but good.

So... without further ado, the Top Seven Characters of Middle Earth who Resisted the Corruption of the One Ring Rather Well: