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Pay Me, Bug! is in the Immerse-Or-Die StoryBundle

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Update: The ImmerseOrDie bundle is now live!

The 15th of April is a day of woe and suffering here in the United States. That's our deadline for filing Federal Income Taxes, you see, and that's when a lot of us watch sadly as we stuff envelopes full of money and watch that money fly away, never to return. It's a time of change: specifically, a time when change is really all we have left, jingling uselessly in our pockets.

It's a perfect time for a StoryBundle. And if you're going to buy a StoryBundle, why not buy one with Pay Me, Bug! in it?

On April 15, StoryBundle will launch a new collection of eight indie Fantasy and Science Fiction titles. It's the ImmerseOrDie StoryBundle, eight books (including mine) that passed the ImmerseOrDie Report.

I just published a comic book! Sorta.

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When I started Curveball the primary conceit was "it's a comic book without the pictures." Only, it wasn't a comic book, because creating physical objects is a lot more expensive than creating electronic ones. There's no specific market for them, so it falls into the "it would be neat if I could do this" category, which means Print On Demand, which means "more expensive than a traditional print run," which means "nope, can't justify it."

Except I figured out how to make it work.



That's right. Curveball is now available as a trade paperback. Or, as I like to call it, a "prose comic book."

Connections: Part Five

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Curveball, by Christopher B. Wright
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CB sighs and grinds out his cigarette on the table. “We never talked about that night again. My choice. Never talked about it at all until now, actually. I wasn’t ready to hear it when he told me, but eventually I understood. Fortunately your mom and I split for other reasons.”

“What happened?” Jenny is still trying to figure out how she feels about CB’s story. She doesn’t remember her great grandfather being sad about anything. He was always so happy around her, and around Andy… but CB wasn’t describing a happy man.

“Well you know the story about how it’s hard being married to a cop. Your dad says he lucked out because the only thing your mom had to compare it with is dating a hero, and a cop’s life is cake by comparison. I mean Christ, in one year she was kidnapped fifteen times. That’s more than once a month. 1989 was pretty exhausting.”